Pergola Kits Creating a classic looking garden environment used to require a lot of labor and construction know how. This is because adding features such as a path covered by one or more pergolas was no easy task in years past, demanding those who lived decades ago or even earlier to be able to cut […]

A pergola that size packs a lot of weight, and cracking could definitely be a concern. The answer depends on a few factors: the thickness of the concrete, the strength of the mix used to make the concrete, and how well it’s cured. The quick and dirty answer is that thicker is normally better (at […]

Pergolas Pergolas are quite versatile structures – they can protect you from the sun on hot summer days and keep you dry on wet winter ones. Light & Space one of the leading Pergola Builders in Melbourne, can help you to determine the best pergola designs for your property and your needs, increasing the value […]

Vinyl Pergola Kits Alan’s Factory Outlet is happy to offer a selection of vinyl pergolas. Kits in our inventory are available in several different sizes and are delivered in VA and WV. We offer free delivery on our vinyl pergola kits to Virginia and West Virginia. The do-it-yourself PVC pergola kits at Alan’s Factory Outlet […]

Patio Cover Information Traditional Style Louvered Roof System Traditional Style Louvered Roof System with Fascia Gutter Even though a standard rain gutter can be put on the rafter at the end of the sloping louvers that only overhang 1” to catch the water if desired, our Traditional Louvered Roof System comes with a Fascia Style […]

Aluminum and Steel Pergola If you like the look of a pergola but need more cover, this kit’s for you! How to Build a Pergola Dan explains why it’s best to hire a professional to build a pergola. Add Style With a Pergola Add classic style to your yard with a pergola, from scratch or […]

Custom Cover > Shade Cloth Cover Your Pergola or Patio with Shade Cloth Coolaroo and Commercial 95 Shade Cloth for Home, Pergola, and Pool Shade Cloth is an excellent way to cover your pergolas, gazebos, patios, entry ways, carports, porches, playground areas, dog kennels, or any other area that you want to provide protection from […]

Finally, there is a retractable fabric roof made by ShadeFX.  It’s called the “Topside” mounting option and it covers the pergola from above. The system is difficult to see when retracted because it also uses the patented single track actuator. When extended, it is above the rafters and woodwork, so you see all the intricacies […]

If you want a shade structure that naturally blends both in size and style with your deck or patio, build your own pergola or awning structure. Cover the pergola with awning fabric, or plant vines to create a green, living shelter. Vines covering a trellis alongside the pergola will also block the rising or setting […]

Extend Your Home Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home. This backyard, designed by Juergen Partridge Limited is an excellent example. Here, a Douglas fir pergola provides structure over the back patio, while the composite decking deck connects the entries of the house acting as an outdoor hallway. Plan for the […]